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冰点 – Bing Dian / Ice Point
  • 10. Dezember 2012
  • It was the middle of the day, the roads were quiet, hardly anyone on the road and only the birds were chirping. A small oasis of freedom after hours of walking on winding roads and paths, a pause and then – on a stone in the pose of the philosopher – the giant panda – Bing Dian .These Giant panda was like of a fairy tale, strong, powerful and yet somehow cozy and mysterious.[slideshow id=46] 

    The whole day before we got to see him properly, it was hardly possible to make a picture from a distance. And only to photograph his beautiful face was winning the lottery. On that day he was on the rocks and showed his beautiful and dreamy face to those who came to visit him in his hours of rest. Bing Dian is on 2000.09.01 at the Chengdu Panda Base born; where he lives in the neighborhood with the famous 51st (a Japanese company produced a documentary about “五一” Wu Yi 51).


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