Such a beautiful day! Hooray the morning sun struggles through the mist. The first rays do me good. I’ll have a nice day. Super!

Oh, how many twittering friends are flying in the warm breezes! Hello! Her up there – sometimes you sing a song! Maybe I can get the text and sing with you. It would be a nice addition the leisure hours.

 Hmm, hmm, if I can remember the text of the spring song?

I think the lyrics of the song I know from memory. Now only the melody and then it starts.

Hello neighbor! Look at me like that my lips are dry, I moistened with the tongue.

So, off you go. I have my Maestro rod. With this I’m going to pretend the beat.

“What a beautiful spring morning

What a beautiful day

I swing my wings against the sky

I have been riding on clouds and enjoy blue skies

What a beautiful spring morning

What a beautiful day

La, la, la, la…”

Song Text by Bu Quan
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